Who knew there was a special day dedicated to cleaning out the refrigerator? Yes, November 15th is that day and it’s here.

As most of you know, cleaning the fridge is only undertaken as needed. Like the time the milk carton fell over or the veggie drawer began to look like a swamp. Those who created this day were thinking ahead and looking after our best interests. Preparing for the upcoming holidays.

Due to our hectic and busy lifestyles, the cleaning of the refrigerator gets neglected. So, check for surprises at the back of the shelves. Check those food labels for “Sell By” and “Best By” dates. Cleaning experts are able to create long lists of suggestions for each area of our home but don’t worry, good habits take time and success is measured in steps. Empty one shelf in your fridge, wipe it down with a warm soapy cloth. See if any of the items you removed from that shelf need to get ‘recycled’, used or eaten…soon. You might feel so good after cleaning the first shelf that you might want to try another. Go for it! It’s a win-win situation.

Tips to keep in mind once the fridge is sparkling plenty again:  Clean it every week or two or before you go shopping. This may prevent you from overshopping. Just because the sugar-free BBQ sauce isn’t in sight, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Get some see-through containers for the smaller items or a lazy Susan if you think that might help. By the way, keep the refrigerator’s temperature at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to keep food chilled and in the safe zone.

At Singular Wipes, we’re all about cleaning and sanitizing our hands but it doesn’t stop there. We all have at least one chill box storing our food. We shouldn’t overlook the importance of keeping that area clean too.

                “Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, or habitation.”

                                                                               ~ Benjamin Franklin~